Give me your best pickup like

| Mine is "hey, I wanted to thank you for the gift, you always give me this smile when I'm around you~"

| kys

| "Here, hold my beer while I go for a shit."

| "Ur mom gay"

| Fucks your mouth

| hey can i read you future from your hand? *hand touch and saying any nonsenses you want to*

| >>986459
*I look at her hand*
It's hard to see here, it's better to see the future in the traces of semen

| Hey girl are you a cute little bunny? Because I am going to rape and eat you

| "Hey baby are you a school? Because I want to shoot kids into you"

| My buddies bet me that I wouldn’t be able to start a conversation with the most beautiful girl in the bar. Wanna buy some drinks with their money?

| Hey girl my summer bonus was 70k

| Hey g/u/rl, are you a car engine? Cause I think I can fix you, but probably can't.

| >>986474 this is amazing xd
>>986578 i think you are ready to marry 50k-chan
>>986580 brrm~

| r u slender cuz stop it

| r u a diamond hoe cuz ur the only one i wood pick

| can I see you're vagina?

| Tbh I would 100% rail 50k chan,cute schizo pinoy

| Hey girl whats your opinion on the lost city of Atlantis?
(depending on the answer you either hit it off or you viciously maul her)

| guuurl do u leik jalpeños? kuz i wanna bury my dick in yo ass hoe

| H..h-heeeyy..G..g-girl... I'm.. I'm..I need to go sorry!!!! *Run and cry*

| >>987114 peggable

| >>987114 breedable

| >>987114 this is me so much ;-;

| >>987114 suckable

| bro dont cry u fagot ahhaahah

| >>987245 nothing wrong with crying like a bitch sometimes

| >>987245 crying is hot

| >>987245 >>987249 >>987252
Fucking faggot bitches crying is hot

| >>987254 *crying as a faggot bitch*

| >>987256 *fucks your ass then mouth*

| >>987119 >>987172 >>987242 *just stare and embarassed to talk*

| >>987272 it's okay g/u/rl.. our bodies will do the talking for us.

| >>987272
tis 'kay my g/u/y our cox will talks for us

| Hey girl, is that the outline of your erect penis bulging through your clothing or are you just pleased to see me?

| >>987289 >>987360 *blushes* maybe~

| hey girl.... uhhhhh are u... a girl?....

| >>987377 but of course! we are g/u/rls!
Now give me that neck of yours. I want to lick it.
*licks your neck*

| >>987377 that is a topic of heated debate

| >>987403 but... I have neck too ;-;
You can even bite it.. if you want to~

| knock knock...

| >>987485 okay!
*bites your neck like a wild animal*

| >>987505 race condition

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