Maybe communication is overrated

| Maybe no one should talk to anyone ever. I used to get yelled at on the phone pretty often and I still get the feeling of absolute dread whenever my phone goes off or I have to make a phone call to anyone ever. It’s like I can feel my body and soul being pushed into an abyss.

Maybe I’m being dramatic, but I can’t really help it here.

| Like, sometimes I freeze up and literally feel physically sick every time I hear my phone go off. I’ve tried to fight it but I just can’t. Doesn’t matter if I like the person or not. Bleghhh

| Social anxiety is a bitch

| So true, action speak louder than words anyway, let's sex instead

| Same here, I don't like phone calls. Especially at the office in which I can't tell who's calling and what. At least with surprise in person meeting, there is nothing that I can do and it just happen and flows naturally. But with phone calls, I have a strong not to answer or to delay answering it.

| >>986362 this

| Its hard but worth it. Humans need social interaction its good for our mental health and can reduce risk dementia in later life.

| Solitude is a bitch and nobody deserves it
By the way consider text communication

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