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The Sites Death Blow

| With the recent influx of 4channers I'm finally done. I'm leaving this site in a worse mood than I come in every time now. Its not like this is meant to be profitable or anything so it won't really die, but its dead to me. I'll try to remember to check in about a year or so from now.

Goodbye gurls. Good riddance to the rest of you hateful fucks.

| Haters gonna hate and all that. I'll be missing you OP and I don't want you to leave, but I can sympathize with not wanting to stick around with losers and schizoid attention whores any longer than you have to. Be good, and don't ever let shitty people turn you into a shitty person.

| isn't it already dead, I rarely see people here

| /u/ is not an airport lmfao
*fucks your mouth*

| It would be fine if maids actually paid attention to the site.

| It's not 2016 anymore g/u/rl

| I don't care.

| >>>986101 is there even a goal we would be striving to be?

| maids can be forgiven because they're cute

| Are ya'll aware that most of the toxicity on this site is the same guy who makes 2 similar shitposts with less than 1 minute apart?




You can find him in basically every thread.

| >>986135 i think you should leave too

| gb gurl, see you on the next train

| >>986135 I've lived long enough to see a mass reply on /u/
I think it's time to stop reproducing, too much cumming

| Maids are asleep, say bad words

| >>986165

| Maids are pretty chill and will delete/lock threads if you g/u/rls just ask directly.

>>986101 I'm here almost every day deleting 50k-chan spam. ( ; ^.^)

>>986060 I concur with this g/u/rl. Always hate to see a community member leave, especially if it's over something that could be fixed through some communication.

Just remember g/u/rls - Danger/u/ is only as good as the users you invite. Tourists will come and go, but the main base of users are the ones who maintain board culture. If you want to see better posts, invite good posters, make good posts yourself, do not reply to bad posts, and *don't fall for bait.*

| If you want to ask the maids to do anything, or ask them any questions, or want to provide direction for moderative actions in the future, feel free to drop it in this thread (or any other thread). We will see your post.

| >>099b3e I want the degeneracy to be limited when it's outside /d/

| >>099b3e why my thread with rap song about Obama was blocked????

| >>099b3e
I hope you have a great day :) or night, idk

| >>986278 alright, so move degen-ish threads to /d/?
>>986282 because we have an entire thread here complaining about he quality of posts on the board.
>>986291 same to you g/u/rl. ⸜(。˃ ᵕ ˂ )⸝♡

| >>986350 Are you saying that I don't write quality songs? ????????????????????????????

| >>099b3e I want to be banned


| >>986094 it might be a bit selfish to say but i kinda like danger/u/ like this. this place is like our little secret spot, just like va11halla was.

| >>986713 ???? I am a domestic terrorist ????????????

| >>986002 gurl I've been using this site since 2019 its always had hateful people legit nothing has changed besides the way people phrase their posts. And also good gtfo it's a website anyone can use if you expect to leave feeling better you have not used any social media ever

| >>099b3e maids should provide cock cleaning service with their mouth

| >>987054 maids should lock your cock in a cage and make you beg

| aaah id be cool wit it. im on nofap theyd only be helping

| Just ban every moid (this includes trannies)

| >>987099 based and crystalpilled

| >>987042 g/u/rl if you feel addressed when someone is annoyed by people being hateful then you should look into your mind and peer into what you have become.
go on a hike and reflect, then hurl yourself off of a cliff maybe if you feel like it.

| >>987099


| >>987151 not saying I felt addressed I'm saying what did you expect. If you hear someone being racist you don't need to be that race to still feel the need to call them out on their retard shit. Person goes on anonymous message board and gets called funny names and their fee fees hurt ohhh nooo, anyways.

| >>987099 fat moid sausage fingers typed this message

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