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feelings of rejections even online

| i am not a popular guy in anyway luckily i have at least one friend but when i want to fuck around online or those weird discords i always find myself getting banned too fast or just not allowed in. can anyone else relate?

| No. It's easy to not get banned, you just have to lurk more until you get the feel for the server so you know what will get you shitcanned.

| >>1c38bc this seriously sucks i hate this so much!

| L

| Try getting ban on /u/


| its clearly because you're a terri le person
they don't even ban groomers off discord servers what the fuck lmao

| i am NOT a bad person i just like to have fun trollish style and i get punished for it! no fair

| moid

| if u ever feared getting banned on the internet you need a personality check luh mao

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This thread is permanently archived