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Help ! Trans g/u/rl need help

| so its been 9 months ive been on t blockers and now i feel some hot sensation in my tummy when i yank my chain

is that normal ? is that what everyone is talking about ? i like it

| btw, I am Pomu de familia noble Pomulia

| >>985192 *fucks your mouth*

| go see a doctor.

| yes

estrogenised arousal forms as this kinda fluttery warm stomach feeling that extends to the nethers and up the torso

I'm on 1 year 3 months of hrt now, 150 mg spiro/6 mg estro (finally! fuck), and i very commonly get aroused without ever getting a penile reaction, but then find i absolutely leaked precum there

| Just drink Whiskey

| Post dick and balls

| yes its normal. it's the best feeling on the planet and it is your GOD GIVEN RIGHT to make it happen as often as possible

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This thread is permanently archived