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how to deal with rape


| Have sex and have fun

| Murder your rapist.

| (Not a joke)

| therapy or murder your rapist, stalk them, find out where they live, use OSINT, then slowly walk by them one day, turn around, and HAMMER TO THE FUCKING SKULL.

| If you're a woman you easily can get revenge.

If you're a man...well.
What kind of "man" gets raped? lol You sissy slut, you faggot should consider suicide lmao

| Rape them back!

| cut your wrist!

| Rape someone else, pass it on.

| ez don't get rapped on

| I know everyone is just trolling but I seriously hope OP wasn't actually raped because this is all horrible advice

| >>985183 dw, I'm 100% sure there is no need to worry.
I just can recognize this kind of threads.
t. been posting daily for at least 1y

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This thread is permanently archived