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Self Castration

| Thoughts and tips and tricks on eunuchmaxing?

| Doing it with an axe is cheaper

| It's not recommend to do so but probably you do it with alcohol but it's gonna be awkward or ask a buddy to do it for you...

| https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elastration
Takes three days on a human scrotum.
You can take the band off and go to the ER pretending to have been suffering from testicular torsion, or just keep it on until the scrotum literally falls off.
Have fun.

| instead of being reckless surgeries try using placebo affects to trick your body into being castrated

| How about giving your penis love ^w^

| >>d21e69 meds

| >>984511 Daddy~ <3

| >>d21e69 mods pls euthanize this g/u/rl pls

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This thread is permanently archived