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sex lovers anonymous

| on GOD vro i NEEEEEEEEEEEED that schmeat clap if you agree

| NNN. Be strong.


| >>984255 Nonstop Nut November is upon us my brother (g/u/rl)

| Streaming Chan here with a 24h stream from the glory hole

| not gonna lie, cum 7 in one day is little difficult specially if you wake up in evening.. i don't know what i will gonna do next week.. or after 20th day.. 31. november? crazy i will die

| >>984629 do u think streaming chan is a top

| While reading this thread I felt something no other thread made me feel. It was different, appetizing, lip moistening, I really wanted to eat a carpet. To be exact, a 2x4 grey colored, blue outlined carpet. What a coincidence! I had a carpet in my room that matched that exact description, so throughout the song, I was trying my hardest to resist the urge to eat my carpet.

| I thought it wouldn't be that hard to fight the cravings because of the dirty and grimy conditions of my carpet, but I just snapped. I just had to appease my hunger. And so I did. Before I knew it I had eaten the carpet! At least I had relieved the stresses of that damned hunger. Perhaps I wouldn't have ate it if I would've known that I would need to get my stomach pumped sometime after, but minus the fact, I would do it again.

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This thread is permanently archived