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Why is it so dang hot all the time?

| It's NOVEMBER. It should be the rainy season by now, why tf is the sun still NASTY?? Where tf is the RAIN?

Y'all northern hemisphere people, is it autumn yet where you at? And y'all southern hemisphere people, is it still winter there or what.

| Approximately 40 seconds after I posted this thread it started raining. Bless.

| >>984147 Sorry, that was me pissing on your roof. You'll get no snow until January. Cheers!

| Get out of the desert dummy

| >>984148
G/u/rl there's never been snow here in the tropics. If I get snow in January it's probably the end of the world.

| >>984146 I would dang you for being so hot all the time if you know what I mean

| >>984146
Honestly the cold JUST hit. A week and a half ago it was near 80, and then on Halloween it dropped to 50 and it's been sitting around there since.

| Shits so cold me tosies are fallen off

| >>984232 *fucks your tosies*

| I ma under 6 feet of snow. ( o_o)

| gd cali weather. foggy and cold as fuck, then afternoon comes and i get hit with 80 degree sunbeams

| >>984444
sounds wonderful. i must vist cali sometime

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This thread is permanently archived