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Cheating on my girlfriend

| ... but not really. Its extremely complicated.
I have a girlfriend that i've been dating for about 7 years now. She goes to university pretty far away and only comes home for holiday breaks. And such. I also have a really close friend that i hang out with very regularly. Basically, from September to December, and from the middle of January to may. If im not at work or doing other stuff. Im with her. We do everything together. And have been at this for about 3 years now

| Recently, like a month ago, my friend started becoming exceedingly romantic towards me. She didnt even really try to mask it. Stuff like hold my arm at the movies. Asking to go on really long walks, going out to dinner that isn't fast food or whatever. Little shit, but stuff that i would definitely only really do with my girlfriend. Like shit right off a top ten stuff to do with my partner list online.

| A few weeks ago she asked me if she could stay over at my apartment because we had been drinking some wine and watched tv and she said she felt like she had to sleep it off. Later in the night she woke me up and confessed she had developed romantic feelings for me, and ask if she could lay in bed with me just for the night. Now for some context. We were both feeling pretty loney as she had come off a break up from like 4 months back and because of the situation with my girlfriend..

| I agreed, and we spent a night in bed. No sex, no make out, just spooning. I dont have romantic feelings for her because she's like my bestfriend, yet i dont NOT feel anything for her, its weird. In the morning i made us both breakfast and she left. And i started to panic about five minutes after she left about what i had just done

| After this she started taking more pictures of us together and posting them online with increased frequency. I didnt really mind as people already know we spend a good amount of time together. But about a week ago she crossed the line by posting an ig story with "love my man :3" in text

| I got a call from my girlfriend in a fury asking me why she posted that. And i told her i had no idea. Then she called her and she told her about the night we spent in bed. And she completely freaked. surprisingly not at me but at HER.

| Right after i got off work my girlfriend called and explained that they were chatting a couple months ago about where they drew the lines on cheating. And my girlfriend went into how she thinks its a grey area emotionaly. But physically it starts at flirting and kissing. Then she explained how my friend had extremely specific criteria for cheating. To which my girlfriend like half agreed on.All of what she had done fell behind the line for her. So she said she felt like i was safe

| The whole month has felt like an emotional ROCKET LAUNCH. Shit is happening all at once all around me and its super disorienting. Im obviously NOT safe and my girlfriend wants to have a really good chat when she gets home for holiday. She hasnt been calling me back or texting me for the last few days. And and i blocked my friend and haven't seen them either. Shit is insane. I should probably just move and never look back right?

| wow white id :O

| you literally have the golden path before you and are fumbling i fucking hate you

| That is why long distance relationships suck. It couldn't be any other way.

| White ID holy shit!!

| You're fucked. Your loneliness problem may as well get worse after this.

Remember that everyone has boundaries and so do you. You could have been clear with your friend that you had no romantic interest and that keeping it platonic would be preferred.


| Tldr?

| Kek

>>984009 kinda this btw

| I'd be seriously considering the "move and never look back" option highkey

| Top kek, your friend knew what she wanted and saw an opportunity. Sounds like she overplayed her hand, though.

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if you keep saying kek, g/u/rls are going to think you're 50k-chan. I nearly accidentally banned you g/u/rl. ( x.x)

| >>984413 kek

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