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| any1 here been on psychedelics? If yes - can gou describe it? If no - do you want/have you ever wanted to try them?

| me myself no, my mental heath is up my ass, so I am sure as fuck I'm gonna have a bad trip.

| i haven't tried them yet, but i might try shrooms or lsd at some point just to see what they r abt

| >>983620 gl my man (or girl), remember to stay safe and only do it when you don't feel stressed and with someone you genuenly trust, hope you will have a good trip

| I’ve taken them a handful of times. You should really be sure you’re in a good state before taking them, they’re not a party drug. They taste like shit and it’s common to feel nauseous shortly after taking them. The best way to describe it for me is I get really introspective and my thought process changes slightly, like sometimes a thought will just lightning flash across my mind and then be gone as soon as it came. Again, be ready for introspection, it’s not to just waste a day.

| Also will mention it’s up to you if you want someone nearby or doing it with you. I’ve mainly taken them solo, have a few times with a friend/housemate but that’s risky business depending on the person, their mental state, relation to you, their baggage, etc. Tripped with a friend recently and he either experienced ego death or had a psychotic episode and he sexually assaulted me and now I don’t talk to him at all. They’re not something to just mess around with.

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This thread is permanently archived