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Don't wanna brag, but

| I got banned 2 time on /u/. I'm practically a god among g/u/rl

| By the way, I am Pomu de una famulia noble Pomulia

| Is it possible to get banned here? What needs to be done for this... And why.

| >>983441 have an opinion usually do the trick

| >>983441 I was banned 2 years ago, it said "till 2030" lol, but somehow I'm here

| ooh we got some bad g/u/rls in here huh

| no way, I did a rampage of opinions in past and I still can keep my daily posting streak intact

| Nigger

| >>983441 say that p*les are niggers and pref herself will come down from the heavens to banish you

| >>983520 banned

| kurva boiii

| I like poles

| Generally spam or advertising will get you immediately banned until 2030.

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This thread is permanently archived