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Do you guys ever think about how capitalism is forcing us to work up until the eminent extinction of our species as the earth heats to an unlivable temperature?

| Capitalism has the tendency to concentrate wealth and power in the hands of a few individuals or corporations. As businesses grow, they often become more efficient and can outcompete smaller competitors, leading to consolidation in many industries. This consolidation can result in a small number of players controlling a significant portion of the market,

| -which can lead to unequal distribution of power and resources. Additionally, wealthy individuals and corporations may use their resources to influence political outcomes, further amplifying their power and potentially distorting the functioning of the democratic process.

| terrorism is good actually and more people should do it js :3

| Arm the poor

| >>983292 so truee

| This is pretty well known. Now are you gonna do a terrorism or not?? It would be really cute I think :3

| Have the poor tried stopping being poor


| I'm not suprised to see 5 near-identical replies in a 1-minute span at the same time the russian-speaking thread is active... lol

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This thread is permanently archived