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Do you have/had epilepsy?

| When it started and how you deal with it? YOu can tell anything you want. Did you had some thoughts in mind, or something weird what you can't describe?

I would be happy only for serious replies but i will respect if you want just make some trolls, but i won't answer them.

I have "newly" (8 months) diagnosed, i experienced in mind weird "existentional overthinking" or how say it.. i was thinking about "what i do here?" "how from nothing can be something?" 1/2

| "where is point zero" where started everything? Why i control this and not something else? etc. also i played cs:go and felt rage from losing and wanted have faster movement in game..

second time i had it when i was having similar thoughts and was going to eat while suddenly..

I stopped move, and felt like some kind of spirit was make me stop moving, and than made me rotating while i wanted to stop move and felt by gravity..

Similar feeling i had previous

than never more.. 2/3

| but i'm on AED now.. you can tell your stories or anything.. if you want may troll and if it won't may not insulting but funny i will may reply.. you can also ask me anything about my life etc.. but it's weird/rare have epilepsy in half of 20s

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This thread is permanently archived