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The counter thread after party

| It last a good journey lads.
Happy times, sad times. Filled with obstacles. But we're got the unity to keep going straight.
Don't let the bitter feeling of the end get you!
It was meant to be kept as a dear memory to recall from times to time.
I wish to all the sailors who I had the pleasure to navigate with, a good new prospective on the land where we're all left on.

| I won't say any more specific hopes for not undirectly hurt someone's feeling on their unique periods of life, but I'm glad to know that you can get results though every little occasional help you get.
Thanks for making this something that can be called an "adventure".

| from OP. (not this, the counter's one but also this)
P.S. Things will change and it's always a miracle when something good happens, a sight that everything was matched to make exacly this happen, it can truly shows that miracles are just everywhere. Do not hold good thing too important because there is a sky full of stars that can be caught.

| To such a no context thread to keep going with minimal effort by me, I was fascinating

No, I'm not crazy, also please ignore the troll, whatever will happen to this thread, so be it, I just wanted to give my piece of prospective

Yes, I've overkill it. No, I'm taking days off from here again

| it* (aah, sucks to be bad...)

| was* (I just don't want to...)

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Oi oi oi, unliscenced counting aint legal mate

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