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Weird feeling

| I'm feeling a little bit upset because i don't know where to express myself, where i can post random things about my life, opinions etc. I want a place where i can talk about anything but this place can't be social media. I just can't post on X, Reddit, Facebook etc, it makes me feel anxious. Can you guys help me ?

| Perhaps Instagram?

| >>5bd5e5
No, i mean, i want to place like this board, not very popular, where i can build my profile, interact with others etc. I feel like famous social media aren't the right place.

| Like this board and not very popular you say... Maybe LinkedIn?

| >>5bd5e5
I’m looking for something like a forum. Deep inside the internet, where i can talk about anything.

| look no further bb i am here for you to express yourself

| Ok guys anyway i found a list containing a lot of imageboards, look at it : https://allchans.org/

| private discord server?

| 1:find hobby
2:make anonymous text/imageboard for said hobby

| make a neocities thing

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This thread is permanently archived