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We are real communists - helpline

| Ask us anything, we will help ours

| How get gun?

| >>975835 once will grow up and join military service

| >>975841 how get gun without joining military?

| >>975845 everyone must join military, there are no other options

| >>975847 how not join military?

| >>975854 die earlier, be closed in asylum, prison etc.

| >>975856 how not join military while living a normal life?

| >>975858 every man joined military, if he didn't he is sick, traitor or anything similar and shouldn't threat healthy society. In this case we can't talk about this kind of scenario "normal life", normal is work for society.

| >>7474e4 eritrea type g/u/rl
based tbh

| Why real communism has never been tried?

| >>975859 Man need to join military, but how g/u/rl get gun without military?

| >>975906 don't worry, north korean army is also gender neutral, g/u/rls are supposed to join military too
>>975891 in north korea they tried and it works
>>975867 thank you for us

| >>975891

| Ok...When will communism have a leader who will unite the working class?

| >>975963 We don't know! But pretty much soon!

| dont be such a mang/u/rl sweety

| >>975987
Two more weeks

| I want gf

| >>976050 You can find girlfriend and make family by traditional way. Usually good opportunities are in education system, high school, university or so. If you missed it, course of ballroom dance is also nice way how to find girlfriend! I believe you will be able to find girlfriend and found your family before your 20. If not than it will be difficultier over your busy life in working for country. But don't worry, anytime is not late. Also you can find gf in party or society events.

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This thread is permanently archived