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Be honest, did you ever...

| Did you ever post thread, and made few/a lot replies from various ip adresses and various typing styles to make thread feel like that is active and bait people to answer?

I did~
3 g/u/rls canon is real

| i can't promise i won't do it again

| there are only 3 gurl on this site

| Have done, will keep doing

| no... what the fuck. only reason my IP changes is cause i use 2 ISP's, both dynamic.

| >>975824

at one point i did this to cyb to simulate it being more active than it actually was.

the goal was to so it until others saw the posts and joined in and i'd gradually post less until they took over, none the wiser.

to this day some g/u/rls have no idea that half the users they were interacting with was one retard who was just really obsessed at the time with seeing a then tiny roleplay community succeed.

also i spent the equivalent of like part time at work doing it.

| it was also easier to do it back then because there weren't post codes at the time.

when those got introduced i had multiple windows signes into multiple proxies and also my phone to keep up the charade.

i ended up doing this for a few years, from like 2017 to 2020.

| I think I did it once to do a haha funny with myself or something, but idc about "populating" my threads, they're just random brain dumps I usually forget about 5min after posting

| No, my threads are interesting and fun so people reply on their own.

| no they are not! you attract them with alluring titles and then change up in the comments psycheing them out

| i've done it before, but not on dnager/u/

| I did. Now I'm in a pyramidal scheme with myself where I'm both making lots of money and losing lots of money.

| >>976043 bitch pay up

| Not on my own thread, I usually do it to troll some gurl, but only once in a blue moon

| I think this is second person to admit this. Danger/u/ bringing out the chuuunibyuo energy in people.

| >>975924 three g/u/rl theory is real

| Never. I just use the same id while pretending to be another person.

| >>976191 yeaaah, me too

| Never in my own thread but I have turned a VPN on to tell someone they're stupid with two IDs

| VPN my but

| no, never

| >>976256
this g/u/rl is based

| >>976007
I have never seen a thread on /u/ that was interesting

| >>976256 >>976257

| >>975924 Wait, are you the reason the old cyberpunk board became an RP board?

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