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I hate living in a suburban area

| There's so much to explore in cities and rural areas give you plenty of land to screw around without anybody minding it. But here I get the worst of both worlds.


| >>975740 drue it especially sucks if you have to rely on the transit system to get around and it has shitty route planning but at least the busses tend to be nicer in the suburbs

| urbex is fun in da city gurl u should try it sometime with a friend

| >>975740 just move

| >>b6654f I would love to do urbex but living in the midwest means that the closest actual urban area is an hour away :(

| I love living in a suburban area there's no crime and the city movie theatre is so close

| >>976421 at least not any crime you can see immediately g/u/rl remember keep yourself safe

| it should be a crime to keep you locked up in da burbs pretty g/u/rl

| I live in a european suburb and have two bus lines, one light rail station, and one tram station ten minutes from my front door.
Once again the solution to all your problems is affordable public transportation.

| >>976573 g/u/rl, stop! You're going to scare the Americans!

| >>976573 *gets a heart attack out of shock*
thanks for the $200k of medical debt asshole

| >>976573 Only when you don't have to deal with loud, obnoxious, disgusting browns or blacks, or even worse, browns or blacks begging for money for muh family n kids, "walkable" cities are a nice thing, but only when certain conditions are met. I say this as a spic in spic-brownland.

| >>976628 "walkable and liveable city bad because brown people"
much opinion
much intelligence
one day you will bump your head and your brain will like a little rubber ball ricochet off the inside of your head and fly out your ear

| >>976646
yeah unironically
Shitskins make the worst environments to live in, you probably never had to deal with these kind of individuals and it shows

| so...move?

| >>976662 bait

| >>976678 I mean why stop when it works every time?

| >>976673
The entire black population could usa that advice as well, since they seem to REALLY hate the racism they apparently are victims of.

| >>976681 fair enough it’d just be nice to see something new I guess

| >>976573
I live in a European suburb too, and we got none of that lol
Which we did, but the British own our railways and politicians have stocks in and deals with car manufacturers

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