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You playing yourself?

| Do you view you self in the 3rd-person while having dreams?
I've had dreams that are just the visions/perspective of some rando my brain made up and sometimes I just happen to be there.
Like last dream I was larping as some sort of Ghostbuster demon hunter girl, and me as the person was just taging along

| yeah but usually im fucking myself

| Not often but when I do it’s usually because I’m looking through the eyes of a character who obviously isn’t me

| I play with myself~

| My dreams tend to be like action movies. There's people chasing me and I'm running and shooting and kicking them in the face.

| I don't usually dream

| every once in a while, but mostly it's first person

| Yeah, sometimes. It's usually first person, then switches to 3rd for wide-angle or non-detail 'shots' or sequences.
It's interesting you were dreaming as someone else and dreamt you as you are were there, tho!

| It's mainly, like, RE4 style over the shoulder camera, but sometimes switches to first person for some things, and occasionally zooms out too

| I always see dreams in the first-person view. Either it's me, or I'm someone else. Only exception I can think of is when I had a Signalis-related dream (yes, terminal derangement syndrome here), which played more like an animated movie where I was seeing from the view of a camera.

| >>975704 literally me

| >>975653 relateable, it's harsh when you need to keep your time for responsabilities instead of taking your time with sleeping

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This thread is permanently archived