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Crazy Dream

| So last night I had this dream where I was really desperate for a job, and took this gig from a startup that sounded ass but paid super well. We were some kind of industrial scale laundromat for other businesses, and we would take huge loads of work uniforms, safety gear, etc and clean them to send back to a company for super cheap. Anyways, myself and a friend get there to start working, and the training team is really weird. They don't want us to ask a lot of questions, and

| They're really insistent that we don't interact with the other workers while we're going through the training program. Eventually we finish training, and they want us to try everything for real. Lot of weird stuff about that too, but trying to shorten this a bit. Later on when we're supposed to leave, they refuse to bring the bus to take us back to the exit of the facility, and not only that but they refuse to let us leave at all. Suddenly this has become an indentured servitude

| Situation, and now we're being held captive and being forced to work for dirt cheap. Management is now actively hostile and belittles every worker on the floor, and they threaten to cut off our food if we don't keep working. I make the choice to break out during a staff meeting. I make my way to an unsecured aluminum building, no idea what it was for cause dream logic. There I find a cell phone that one of the staff left behind, and it just so happens to not have a password set.

| I don't call the police for some reason, dream shenanigans again. Instead I just call someone to pick me up so I can get the hell out, and choose to call the police after I'm out. Dream ended withe trying to formulate some way to bust my friend out.

| Interesting dream, the other day day I had a nightmare where I was strapped to chair in front of a PC in a empty dark room, I could use the PC that also had internet but after some intervals of time the PC would get "corrupted" and throw jumpscares for a short time.

| I mean, not calling the cops and instead calling someone you actually trust sounds reasonable.

| >>b06277 yeah honestly based on my part.

| >>975633 when i was little i had a nightmare that the light of PC think turn red when i turn it off so i had to escape the room quick or else i'll be stuck in time here , slowly slowing down before complete stop

| I had dream about one dom girl tied me and hugged me

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