funny stories about misunderstandings

| ill start:
>be me, high school g/u/rl
>get the number of this cute but shy guy 2 years younger than me
>start texting him and send him joke texts and a workout schedule he asked for
>he sends some joke texts back
>he texts kinda weird and uses emojis
>say whatevs, i kinda do the same thing when i type too
>jokingly says that his little sis had the phone
>i dismiss it
>few days later, i text him again at 11 pm about his progress on working out

| >i ask him "did you do it" (about the wkout)
>he says "do what??"
>i say "no the workout [his name]"
>[the boy] is sleeping rn
>its the goddamn same typing style as a couple days ago
>i ask if i got the wrong number
>"he uses the same phone as me Lol"


| >shhh
>now i go sleep :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping:

| >>975551 what was next?

| I said in english lesson hugh school "secret" but with wrong spelling.. so it meaned secretion.. yey

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