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I want the smart! >:(

| how do I smart myself UP! O.o

| its too late. just put the collar and cat ears on

| Make everyone else dumber.

| you can be the sharpest crayon in the box, sweetie

| Poison everyone with lead.

| Just pretend, fake it till you make it

| suck more guy's dick, that's where they keep their intellect

| collect xps silly, and add skill points in intelligence stats

| >>975504 omg this xdd me please

| Bro gotcha just use Brilliant.It's helped me keep up with STEM and all those pesky little things I forgot in higschool. With the free code: Fruak ME, you get 10% off a anal subscription

| >>975558
now just imagine the effects microplastics have!

| >>975654 please don't spam refs, and just pay yourself 99$ for premium currency with 2450% discount

| its the flouride holding your iq down

| Pay yourself 50k.

| lick some lead, ita a nootropic

| >>975559
Fake it til' you make it works for improving your self-confidence. It _DOES NOT_ work on intelligence. Fun to watch though.

| by going outside walking everyday, eating healthier, doing more varied things, reading manga/novels, etc.

| >>976342
had me until reading manga, kys

| >>976342 had me until going outside, no way anyone does that

| >>976342 had me until doing more varied things. nobody in their right mind would spend time on anything but danger/u/.

| >>976342
had me until walking everyday. no one does that. its for toddlers. one minute more of walking is one minute less of dangeruing

| >>976411 >>976436 I see the way yall post. yall are not this comitted

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This thread is permanently archived