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Drunk as hell

| AHHHHHZ I'm absolutely smashed and I have realized I get super sentimental and emotional drunk. I told my dad that I'm trans and he was super supportive, and I told my friend that I have a crush on her. :3 :3 :3 I feel so happy cause I finally said so many things that I've wanted to say to people for so long and it actually went well :D

| Are you a trains man?

| theyre transitioning from drunk to hungover

| >>c8797f
Transfem. Ig you couldn't tell by the :3 then that's kinda on you tbh.

| >>51168d
Amen brother o7

| >>975430 so, you are a trains em male?

| Oh my God... My condolences..

| Perhaps your father simply misunderstood, deciding that you...for example, became part of a "Trans Corp."

| >>975427 ahhh...is he a train? is this a new gender?

| Shall we have a trans reveal party, I have some Semtex somewhere...

| >>975455 it identifies as an steam powered vehicle

| As one of the other trans fem people on here I'm glad to hear it went well for you op!

| congratulations op. good luck with your hangover

| Good job OP. Hope that all turns out well for you in the morning!

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This thread is permanently archived