I fucking love bunnies

| I fucking love bnnuys
I kiss bounys
I cannot live without the bynnouys

| Are you having toxoplasmosis?

| >>975246 no I simply understand the superiority of the bnnuy as a pet and am spreading the good word across the land

| I love fucking bunnies

| >>975252 noooo~ QwQ how could you?!

| I love kicking bunnies

| >>975261 you monster

| I like teasing and sucking their ears

| D: what

| >>975314 is that a thing they like? Is it god for them?

| yiss

| I thought bunnies were all tiny rodents until I saw my friend's pet bunny. that thing is at least twenty pounds of rabbit. since the shocking revelation that such a magnitude of bunny was possible, I too have been obsessed with bunnies.

| >>975343
bunnies are lagomorphs, which have two sets of incisors and not just one like rodents (as in 4 top front teeth a d not just 2 like rats, beavers and capybaras)

| im sorry ill go back to the library now

| go back to reddit. it'll be better for all of us

| >>975353 no comeback I like your knowledge on bnnuys

| >>975353 I'd take you to the library if you know what I mean

| >>975343
Capybara are rodents and they can weigh over 100lbs

| bnu love is the closest to divine love that can exist in this fallen world

| >>975343 second this! she had a big fucking Bunny and he was just like hopping around and vibing all the time

| >>975314 me too! yummyy

| Daily reminder that buns are the superior pet

| Don't they smell terrible

| >>975476 ur mom smells terrible

| Move to the east coast they are legit everywhere

| >>975499 very true iirc they’re infesting florida right now

| remember when the bnnois overran Australia?
good times

| >>975532 no I do not but please explain if you can it sounds interesting

| >>975541
IIRC rabbits are an invasive species in Australia

| >>975545 wasnt that emus lol

| Bnnuy~

| Dang ausssies going all umbrella corp making bio weapon viruses trying to kill them

| >>975652 please say sike rn QwQ

| Have you seen the film, Night of the Lepus?

| Bunny here... Someone who would hunt me~ *wearing bunny ears*

| >>975663 no but it looks cool from what I’ve seen

| >>975663 no but it look hot from what I've seen

| Have you seen the David Lynch film Rabbits?

| finally the only thread worth replying to

| >>975739 isn’t that the guy with the foot fetish or am I thinking of someone else?

| >>975819 i have foot fetish, but i'm probably not the one you are looking for

| Yea probably not

| >>975828 but i have also fetish in SM, bondages and wearing neko/bunny ears and so~

| That’s cool but I don’t really care right now this is a bnnuy thread after all not a fetish thread

| >>975834 so i'm not allowed to wear bunny ears and ask you to dominate me~ *connected pointer fingers* ;-;

| I shall allow it but understand that the main focus is real bnnuys TvT

| I'm not real enough? :c *sitting on ground and crying holding bondage ropes*

| :3c

| >>975819

| Yea something like that I think

| Daily reminder that I will no let this thread die >:3c

| >>976071 i can may help you~ but.. can you headpat me and spoil me?

| ooh! headpat me!

| Proclaim your love for bnnuys and I might just do that

| >>976098 I'm more like cats person but.. headpat me and spoil me now please :c nya~

| >>976106 go back to sending random g/u/rls unsolicited text messages dipshit

| >>976109 i don't want send anything, just be spoiled~ :c

| I love fucking bunnys

| >>976159 wait, I mean

| >>976159 what about me? ^^

| bunnies are made out of buns and ies

| So true bunstie

| why no one spoil me ;-;

| >>976275
we only kiss bunnies in this thread

| >>976312 but I'm in this thread :(( pet me :cc

| >>976159 You can't fuck bunnys. At least you shouldn't.

| >>976399 you can me~

| Is toxoplasmosis even that big of a deal? I'm starting to think this is a ruse run by the pharmaceutical companies and big cooperation America

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