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violent retribution is looking good lately

| just kinda woke up and realised ive been stalled at one point in life for like a decade while i made employers around me rich before they discarded me and entire departments for further profits and like

why arent we just killing these people, for real

we're straight up working ourselves to death at 2-3 jobs and cant cover all the bills while these fuckers say they should DRIVE EMPLOYMENT UP to cause "pain" in the economy and put us in our place

we should be executing them

| like when is it going to reach a breaking point? how many people have to be homeless, to die, how low does the quality of life have to drop before we wake up and realise that literally 500 vampires amd their armies of ghoulish middle managers are inflicting this pain on billions of the rest of us?

| tldr "muh revolution larp" but like really, i think about this and it makes me sad bc i can only see us continuing to let ourselves be fucked into the dirt by this untenable system, because we've been absolutely fucking neutered into believing making the slightest, teensiest, tiniest improvement is EVIL COMBOBULISM

| drive unemployment up** ^^^

| Your employers are people with names and addresses. You are well equipped to discover the latter.

Fascists murder all the time: why can't you?

| >why arent we just killing these people, for real
because it's inhumane!!11!

| >>975007
mechanisms of power would apprehend/kill me before i could do anything even approaching meaningful and i would be lost to obscurity as a psychopathic anarco-nihilist or something :(

| lol do you work in the postal industry or something?

| Ok boomer

| >>e09abf Well, go for it then! Fulfill your violent desires and be the change you you want to see in the world!

| i expected flippant responses tbh because this crapola is depressing to think about

| >>975076
if only thats all it took, and not broad solidarity working towards a cohesive goal lmao

| >>975086 lol, wonder why there's no "broad solidarity", lmao

| >>975093
b...because...its difficult to gather broad support for sociopolitical change as is, let alone in modern society where mechanisms of power in media, politics, and poor education keep us staunchly worried about individual/familial survival on day-to-day/year-to-year basis' such that we cant really set aside the time and resources to challenge these systems...?

no it's because of me personally posting about it right? damb...my bad.....

| >>975095
lol, maybe people just don't care

| its called doing your part and giving back to the people you once recieced from. why do you g/u/ys always have to make it be a heiarchy based? at least youll feel good about giving to the community. so what if you got the managerials and their elites succing the earth dry. at the end of the day titles dont make a difference only how you made a positive impact on the world around you

| >>974931 buy a gun

>>975100 because capitalisn is destroying the planet. because all the positive impact is sucked up to the top of the pyramid with threat if violence. because despite all the shit un the world I havent given up on the possibility of it not sucking one day

| I have similar thoughts but they’re usually more along the lines of “lol lmao why aren’t there more assassinations of political figures it can’t be that hard right?”

| Lol.

| >>975100

if the problem is "500 billionaires qre hoarding so much wealth that literally half the world is in poverty", individualistic "doing your part" means nothing

working on it

the two are not mutually exclusive !!!

| Politicians are not worth killing, whoever funds them will just find a new one
You want to get the creatures that actually fund them and the shit they inflict. Barring that, a cop is fine.

| >>975007 don't be more of a soycuck retard than OP already is.

| >>975100 holy shit the only not-unhinged take in this thread. OP and other people masturbating to the idea of murdering people because they have their shit more together than them need to self-reflect and focus on making actual real positive change in their communities through positive constructive contributions. I'm so tired of reading this cucked as fuck "reee I wanna revolt" dumbass takes, volunteer at a soup kitchen and touch grass.

| Maybe focus on helping people out by getting involved in your local community instead of getting radicalized by anti-social weirdos on the internet.

| >>2eaa99
shut the fuck up you brock allen turner phenotype

| >>975110 lol me too

| >>975169 I second this

| >>975157 imagine being so cucked that you genuinely think like this

| >>2eaa99 lmao, what a bitch. Don't you also wanna polish boots with your tongue? That sounds like something that could have a "positive" impact on communities

| >>975220
Kill yourselves, schizophrenic retards.

| >>975267 cope

| >>975271 Brainless jackass.

| Get help.

| >>975272 seethe

| >>975274 Take your pills. Get into the padded cell.

| We’re eating good with this one g/u/rls

| >>975275 now say it without the boot down your throat

| >>975289 What the fuck are you talking about.

| >>975290 you heard the g/u/rl, Say it without the boot

| you guys are distorting his message. simply sayin theres nothing wrong with working to make a difference.

| >>975309 These "people" don't care.

| >>975309 honestly I don’t care about the message I just like fucking with people who take things too seriously they’re literally the easiest targets

| too many replies, i will no longer click this thread

| Smart

| Soros is still alive.

| holy shit what a great thread

| holy shit g/u/rls. community building and mutual aid is the basis of leftist political action. some of the stuff >>2eaa99 said is stupid but you can't JUST murder billionaires and expect everything to get better

| >>975326 Just ignore the kochs, wilks, heritage foundation etc

| id say the real villain is the system for making and rewarding the existence of rich assholes

| There is no point in murders. Having killed one capitalist, another will immediately take his place, and then a third. There is already a line of people waiting for the death of their predecessors.

And homeless people are often lazy. That's why they are homeless. Of course, I’m not talking about everyone, but this is also a common occurrence. Even if you give them a job, they will sabotage it.

| And so the working masses have the main strength. The only problem is to unite it into a strong fist. Such a mass needs a leader. Which will say "Strike" and the rich capitalist at the top of the pyramid will start losing millions of dollars per hour.

However, most likely the leader of the movement will be killed before he becomes a leader. capitalist rats sense danger to themselves.

| yes, but if we kill *everyone*
_then_ our problems will be solved!

| >>975535 so true roastie so true UvU

| >>975535 This but unironically.
t. misanthrope pro

| Found out one of the people who bullied me and beat me up in school is having serious mental problems and is scared to leave his house and only cares about his dog.
Send a letter with a fake return address which starts off nice and turns into a full on threat on his existance.
We do a little trolling.

| >>975576 that's hilarious. but DON'T DO THAT -_-

| >>975576 that’s too much just shit on his front lawn like a normal person


*drinks a good cup of tea*
Hmm nah, I'll better stick to myself and chill, if I starve it's no big deal. At least I have some internet and somethings

| >>975576 give the dog sausages filled with broken glass

| >>974931
your not wrong

see the problem is most people are full of self preservation and it usually takes a lot to drive them over the edge to say fuck it #yolo and do something wild. most people are fags who just do it for attention because current year thats what most cucks online value, the idea of over 9000 cocksuckers jerking themselves off to watching someone explode all over the internet and probably a school full of innocent vhildren who otherwise have nothing going on.

| >>975762

however every so oftrn someone will well and trulybe motivated by just the right amount of hatred and the existential realization of how "best" to target their undiagnosed mental retardation and thats how you get the Oklahoma City Bombing.

the problem is that alone isnt enough killing all of the celebrities and politicians is a good start but all this stuff is controlled straight up by literal crime families.

| >>975763

like even elon musk came from a rich daddy and his emerald mine. maybe killing him will at least free twitter from the shackles of a mandchild but most businesses and orgs arent controlled by one man or woman. like even valve co will probably continue if gaben ever bit it

| >>974932

the breaking point happened a few times already its just that 1st world societies are fairly quick at recovery.

e.g. the blm protests were a perfect storm. pandemic put literal hundreds of thousands of millions of people out of work. they were not entirely convinced it was for their own good. many starved or committed suicide. many were abused unfairly for trying to go against forced closings to make ends meet

| >>975765

suddenly some dumb cunt thinkts its a good idea to kneel on some retards neck who was unarmed unresisting and drunk off his ass.

the final straw.

no circuses, no bread. no reason to live. all they have left is hate. why not go out and fuck things up.

| >>975766

take a good look through history and you'll see thats ultimately what caused collapses. inability of governments to provide for their people, usually in the form of starvation or extreme social unrest.

no one gives a shit about corruption while their bellies are full and their brains are full of cum. take away both their things and they'll indulge in their next great desire

| >>975767

fucking shit up.

| >>975347

actually your wrong. community building grass roots bullshit is apolitical. it is as human as a wolf family's tendency toward monogamy is wolvish and stay in nests until its time to fuck off.

that is its a genetically evolved trait and all people who arent actually mentally retarded will naturally be drawn toward staying in stable groups and making nice with each other for a common goal usually in the form of survival.

| >>975769

i meant to say birds here but if any of you have >0 braincells your eyes probably filled that in already and anyone who tries to answer with a smartass "lol wolves dont have nests dipshit" takes it in the ass

| >>974933

people only say "lol revolution larp" because most faggots are only interested in talking up how shitth the world is but have no interest in doing anything about it.

anyone that does isnt going to talk about it publically anyway.

| >>975157

this fag actually thinks volunteering at soup kitchens does anything about the deeply rooted, often inherently racist underpinnings of their particular society that necessitates the creation of soup kitchens to begin with, forever staffed with college students working mandatory charity credits, populated by the same homeless and unemployed people who via disability physical or mental are forever trapped in poverty, whose "charitable" founders contribute less than-

| >>975772

70% of all collected donations into actual food production and distribution, while funnelling the rest into their pockets so that they can throw yet another overly expensive, hyper ticket inflated "charity gala" so as to avoid uncomfortable questions and watchdogs about what happened to that extra several mill.

you know, when they aren't sneaking holy texts into people's doggie bags or railing an immigrant child or three under the table.

| >>975774

of all the gay retards in the world that i fucking hate, i hate you people who can't not gloat about how morally and ethically superior you are to john q public for doing the absolute bare minimum feel good fuck off action "for the greater good" while you live a middle class insulated white ass suburb lifestyle a significant distance away from "those poor, poor colored people."

i bet you're so fucking retarded, you also probably unironically say shit like

| >>975775

"i dont perceive race" and "if we can just vote all blue next election" all the while you suck yourself off as you post response after response from the comfort of your slave shop iphone x12 series x nintendron switch android samsung galactic ass crack 3.

| >>975780


Go fuck yourself.

| does fucking myself come before or after the larping

| >>975782

depends on whats most comfortable to you.

| Truly a schizo post moment

| Since when did 50k become marx ideologist? Should we drop recreational nuclear bomb on her?

| >>e56737
whites are so weird, nothing motivates whites more than the dead of blacks, even the dead of their own children at the hands of blacks doesn't have the same effect lmao

| >>975892 Ameritards coming in with "whites" vs "blacks" and making everything about that is the funniest shit. Once an american asked me why serbs hate croatians when they are both white christians lmaooo

| >>975912 sis. you're balkan. you sank your own ship trying to get at her. now go back to your endless civil wars or what the fuck you nerds do

| >>975829 idunoo when it happend but I think yes, correctional nuke is needed

| >>975912
lol it's more like:
whites vs blacks + whites + browns +...

| what are y'all talking about

| >>975912 why do they hate each other?

| >>975912 why do they hate each other?

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