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sex review

| nice.

| I love sex.

| I love kicking puppies

| What is it..sex?

| Physicist GF and I had sex for the first time recently

Call that the double slit experiment

| >>975104 You can't kick puppies. At least you shouldn't

| I like cock

| OP 69d

| Sex is mid at best.
Very overrated.
Multiple gender options and positions simply don't add a lot of replay value and are just gimmicks. Very similair.
And multiple playthroughs are even discouraged with the random chance of pregnancy when doing sex with a woman.
Fetishes do add a bit more variety to the dull repetitive act but it's not enough to bump it into "recommmend".
It does NOT get the Angry Joe BADASS Seal of approval.

| As a Pomu I agree

| A little too wet for my liking. 7.8/10

| Tbh basic sex is boring and fetish is must have. Fetish DLC is basically Sex 2, specially with ropes and bondages. Since you will get in SM and endgame part, it will become after a while repetitive. I really looking for Sex 3 including monster girls

| >she's not in the beta for Sex4

| >>975669 this hurts.. what about in submissive and breedables? But only breed no pregnant

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This thread is permanently archived