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Autumn = depression.

| I am weird, maybe..When autumn comes, I withdraw more and more into myself. The days are getting shorter, nature around is dying, grayness and cold are attacking... Eh. And there is still winter ahead. And winter in a metropolis is just dirt and disease.
But you know, I’m probably even glad. Sometimes it’s so nice to be sad, to think about where you’re going and what your goals are in life..
Do the seasons affect your mood?

| I find that I'm generally happier on sunny days, and just more prone to depression and headaches on darker days.

Don't really have clear seasonal cycle where I'm from, just the weather.

| У природы не плохой погоды

| Depressito
Quiero respirar tu cuello depressito
Deja que te diga cosas al oído
Para que te acuerdes si no estás conmigo

| They tend to, however usually it gets worse in summer, oddly enough. June-July are the worst, then it gets slightly better in August-September (probably due to temperature getting lower as I barely stand the heat).
Autumn and winter are alright but lately I’m trying to take vitamins, especially D3 and B12. Highly recommend, by the way.

| I used to live north of the arctic circle so trust me when I tell you the vitamins help. If you don't stock up by eating them during the summer months and continue troughout autumn and winter you're gonna have a bad time.
Make sure you go outside to soak up some sun every day/every other day during the autumn and winter months even if it's just for a short walk.

| I wasn't thriving up there and I'm glad I moved further south. I used to get autumn/winter depressions AND late spring depressions like wtf why am I like this??

The midnight sun during summer was cool though and going window shopping after the sun sets is a comfy experience ngl.

| the sun is not on our side of the equator at midnight sweety

| i have also been getting seasonal depression lately despite getting some sun in

| I always feel drained and miserable in the summer

| Autumn is time for REJOICING, gurl, the sun is relenting on it's terrible assault and the heat is replaced with tolerable temperatures and the trees look absolutely magnificent.

| early autumn : rejoice, fall, new classes and people. mid fall:oh god im back get me out get me out

| I fucking LOVE Autumn!!
Autumn is made of deliciously warm colors like brown, red, orange and a bit of yellow
It's just exquisite! And the pumpkins look nice and cool!
And the weather is unbeliavly perfect!!!
No more fucking blazing hot days and sometimes it even rains!
I love Autumn so goddamn much.
Best season there is, I tell ya.

| >>974928
This gurl speaks the truth... about the first half of autumn. September and oktober are awesomely wonderful but the later months can fuck right off!

| are you guys from australia or arizona

| >>975058 we're entities of imagination and meaning to resemble your childhood's people in different shapes You've been in coma for 15 long years. I need you to wake up. They're waiting for you.

| >>974435 G/u/rl seeing Autumn means you've lived to see another cycle
Things wilting doesn't mean they're dying forever. It just means that they're starting anew
So congratulations! You lived to see another year! Maybe things can start anew for you too

| Sounds normal, I feel empty all the time so it's just a change in temperature for me. When it's cold it's nice since I just put on more clothes but when it's hot I suffer.

| Take your D3 vitamin gurls.

It doesn't help with the sad feeling for me, however it makes me immune to illnesses. I haven't been sick even once since I started taking vitamin D 2 years ago.

| Oh il give you some vitamin D

| Nah, I'm like 85 kg tall and hairy. September had tge hottest day and people were told to stay in doors. I :3 when it rained.

| >>975369
Same here but I started taking them over 5 years ago.

| naaah its a placebo. u need vitamin /g/

| Lol

| I just now noticed an alternative trend in random. Why does everyone love autumn so much...oh

| >>975673
because comf

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