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Do you like to smile?

| In some countries this is mandatory, in some countries it is a sign of dementia.

Personally, I hate smiling, if work or social norms require it.
Ah yes, I also have a crooked jaw. Wwwwww... Therefore, mostly only the monitor sees my smile. (Well, and one cute red-haired policewoman, because she always smiles at me)

| You sound really lame at parties

| What countries is smiling a sign of dementia?

Fake smiles are gay, real smiles are life

| op if i were you id make an effort to (genuinely) laugh more

| I'm 7'0 tall and I weight 300 lbs of pure muscular mass. If I don't smile, people think that I'm gonna kill them

| >>973893 sto rping g/u/rl

| I used to have a resting bitch face, but I notice that my smile is pretty cute, so I made an effort to smile more. Nowadays I notice my resting face usually has a little smile, so I'm happy with that.

| >>973963 cutie spotted

| >>973963 is DEFINITELY a total cutie.

| born with fucked teeth. too poor to afford braces. so not really? i will say that i kind of like how sharp my teeth are.

| >>974345
Cute yaeba poster

This is genuinely awesome and very cute

| I'd like to smile more, I rarely smile...

| >>974345
you can smile with your lips closed, like I do.

| i love to smile, but it really anger me to ask me to smile when i don't wanna

| :D

| where is it a sign of dementia? ?

| no. it's difficult.

| I do it for work. I'm a great actress. Not on stage but in customer service. I can entirely tailor my personality and interests on who I'm talking to. I'd probably make a good prostitute if I wanted to.

| >>975033 I envy you

| >>f94e5e truly the proletariat has sold not only their minds but they're bodies in order to satisfy the capitalist machine.

| >>974902 oh...Yeah, true.

| >>975033
so much this.
it's not lying, it's 'customer service'

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