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I want to visit to Ushuaia but I hsve not money

| ;_;

| Ok

| Save up two dollars and you'll be able to buy the entirety of Argentina by tomorrow. The price may drop to one cent if you wait till next week or so

| wooohooo argentenian babes here i come at costs like that ill be able to save 50% of my life savings and still have it all

| Why visit Ushuaia when you can visit Aokigahara

| buy a rope and you won't need to go anywhere else

| >>973940 with a ropr I can go to visit your møm

| >>974069 visit Aokigahara with mom and rope, and you won't need to finding milk anymore

| >>974072 u a so weeb

| >>974073 it seems you don't know how to use rope in Aokigahara correctly, there is guide:


| u dont need a guide. you need grammer

| >>973441
To quote my DM, "Sucks to suck."

| Buy rope then when rope go to rope is aokigahara but then rope and not use forest in, tie is not the tie thing

| Nuke harikirihara pls

| the Vtuber??

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This thread is permanently archived