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i wish you could make polls here

| i think thatd be neat

| Just count comments, for example:
Is >>973300 a faggot?
That would take a long time to get results tho

| Y

| Y

| ehehe <3

| >>973301
OP is always a faggot, and you're a faggot for having to ask

| >>973314 Yeah everyone knows that, don't act like you say something unheard of. Literally is stated that it's an EXAMPLE, please try to use your single digit IQ to not to be a retarded faggot, braindead retarded faggot.

| >>973317
you mad. you mad. you look mad you stupid bitch

| y

| New poll:

Frieza's Army vs 1 billion lions

Who's the winner?

| Poll bot who one I can't count

| >>973320 ok down syndrome cock sucker

| >>fefd4c Yes

| 100% y

| >>973343 N ofc

| okay new poll: have you touched grass today?

| >>973387 no, but I'm unironically about to

| I agree op a poll that you didn't have to type y / n to would be cool

| >>973390 nobody are just "about to touch GRASS". Have you any idea of how much effort and steps you have to get through? And I'm not even naming the amoung of solid study you've got to get through and mental preparation to get into it!

| touch gas. preferably from da anus

| >>973387 yeah but that's what happens when your grill is more reliable than your oven

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This thread is permanently archived