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Mother, Grand Mother, Both??

| Okay so there is a mom(Ana) and dad, they have a daughter. The dad fucked their daughter and she gave birth to let's say a boy. That son is also the son of the father so the daughter is both a mother and sister to the son right?
Now, is Ana a mother or grand mother to the son? What about the Dad?
Legally speaking, in say the US, what does the daughter and Ana fall under?
If the son fucked Ana's mom, is the child and aunt and a sibling?

| *is the child an aunt and a sibling

| Wait, would that child be and aunt and sibling to the son but also a grandson to Ana's mom?

| mom: grandmother + step-mother to the son
dad: grandfather + step-father to the last child
daughter: grandmother + step-sister to the last child; mother + step-sister to the son

.- mom dad
| \ / \
| daughter - son
| |
last child ----'

| Fuck let me try again

.- mom  dad
|  \  /  \
| daughter - son
|         |
last child ----'

| Hentai plot

| I dont think these things have legal definitions. you might have weird situations about who is who's guardian or next of kin but I dont think theres laws that care about brothing daughter etc>>973016

| I'd say from a legal perspective, the term you're looking for is "fuarrked." Hope this helps. <3

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This thread is permanently archived