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Would you rather

| Would you rather be stranded on an island with a big fat hairy man who constantly beats you and rapes you mercilessly with no rest and when you ask for a rest he tells you "no, not today" then rapes you again and again

Or not

| Or you will be Pomu... Bruh

| Pomu~ <3

| Shit would you rather, here's a better one: would you rather lose both arms or both legs?

| >>971291 No legs, I can learn to walk with my arms, that would be so goblin looking

| Would you rather fuck a goat but nobody knows you did, or to not fuck a goat but everyone thinks you did?

| >>971293 But if i want to share it in my Instagram

| >>971267 no?

| But I guess I am not sure. Living on a stranded island sounds so cool.

| ligma pomu or kigma umop

| I want to be raped by a big fat hairy man over and over nya... >_<

| i just want to pomu your brasshole gurrrrl

| >>971320 maybe not the fat and hairy part

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This thread is permanently archived