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Healthy relationships really do exist

| I'm gonna be completely honest, not even that long ago I was of the mindset that I'd probably never seriously date anyone. I had never seen a healthy relationship in my life, ever
My parents hated eachother, every friend I had who was in/had been in a relationship either got abused, cheated on or both. Same for online friends and just generally online too
I genuinely didn't think pure, genuine and healthy love in a romantic relationship was possible. They all ended and broke people

| But, I was proven wrong. I was on a dating app tryna get matches from desperate men so I could go on dates where they'd take me out to eat (I was broke af okay don't judge me), and then I saw a message from some cute girl
Obviously I was skeptical af, but I answered and we started talking kinda just as friends. No real flirting or nothing for like 2 months
Then I started catching feelings for her. She was really sweet, funny, smart, had same kinda political views and hobbies, etc

| She invited me on a date cause I happened to be visiting a friend who lived in her area, and after that we immediately fell for eachother fully and completely
I invited her over to my place a week later, and we been living together since that. Even through the roughest patches and mental breaks there's been no toxicity and so much love. Always healing, always helping eachother, always taking care of eachother
I'm so grateful to my wife for proving me wrong and giving me this life

| Gaaaaaaaaaay

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I admit it's a little gay :((

| So happy for you g/u/rl!

| Even in the darkest of times, there will always be good times.

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Thank you g/u/rl <3

Mhm!! There truly will

| lol didnt read

| congratz gurl!!

| I love sex

| You're lucky af g/u/rl. Appreciate that relationships

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I do g/u/rl. I cherish it in every waking moment <3

| >>971137 this, make it simple. I don't have enough attention span

| That's wholesome op and reminds me a bit of what my gf and I have <3

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Just read the title silly

I'm really glad to hear that!! I wish you two the bestest <3

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