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Please exist. I'd appreciate it.

| - Someone who cares.

| Simple words. Let the people you appreciate *know* you do.

| thanks g/u/rl

| https://soundcloud.com/nigel_joaquin/vivaldi-vida

| ok I'll do it, but not because you asked me to!! dummy!!

| Kys, with love

| Don't know what op means but I exist

| No leave me alone

| I exist but I have no definitive proof any of you do.

| I love kicking puppies

| I don't think I'm gonna survive this winter

| >>971167 are you literally me?

| Sorry they are dead

| Okay, but if I'm going to exist, then I'm going to live FOREVER
I ain't quitting this shit after some decades, I'll TRANSCEND the human lifespan until I carefully turn off the lights as I say goodbye to the last specks of energy left in the universe.
You better bet I'll be there.

| >>971224 You're a mortal, shitass, unfuck your mode of revealing already.

| >>971235
>she doesn't knows
kukuku... Seems like you lack critical information g/u/rl.
I'll see you next century!

| >>971235 Only cock_w_Elders can defy death hehoo

| You gotta let us go OP, the accident was over 5 years ago

| I don't exist though.

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This thread is permanently archived