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Pokemon is about alien invasion.

| Gen 1- there are only 151 Pokemon. Nobody seems to know anything about them so a professor tells you to figure it out.

Pokemon have powerful psychic abilits and convince everyone that they're friends.

Gen 2- Celibi can travel through time and is Psychic. Convinces everyone that Pokemon were always on the planet.

Gen 3- Time travel leads to legends about Pokemon making the Earth. Pokemon play it out to "prove" it was always true.

Gen 4- Pokemon were always here. Always. Here.

| in terms of male human and female Pokémon bre

| >>970986 thats what (they) want you to think bwo

| >>971042 I'll believe it if I can spend a night with a gardevior

| >>971081
congratulations, I hope you and he have a fun time

| Gardevoir is normi shit I want to shag an onix

| Ngl being railed by a sylveon would be pretty enjoyable

| vaporeon

| sanest furries when they see pokemon

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This thread is permanently archived