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What to bring to my gf’s house?

| i will be bringing my hoodie so i can leave it with her! give me ideas on what else to bring!!

| Love.

| Several condoms

| something like keys so you have an excuse to come back soon

| rope

| Magic wand and a strapon

| Your gf's husband's cage keys.

| Loads of lube and a child sized slip and slide

| Gun

| >>958449 actually kinda smart

| A console and two controllers to play something together

| Condoms so you can fill them by water and make balloons

| Bible so you can follow lord's way together

| Whips, cuffs, ropes so you can become policists and protect city from bad guys

| Buy peg because what if water runned away somewhere? Water can be dangerous!!

| Buy girl costume so you can go on public woman toilets together and protect her from bad girls

| Bring cat ears and cat tail, what if you found cat suddenly? Cats can be dangerous and poor communication can bring conflict and no one want bring conflicts, cat ears and cat tails can make discussion about reduce nuclear weapons easier

| Rei plush so she can know that you are autistic and won't expect reasonable adult things from you as doing taxes or work

| Recreational nuclear bomb, no reasons needed really

| Mein Kampf, to learn about german history together

| Drugs so you could explore your broken minds together

| Nokia M-Gage so you could play (you alone) most popular videogames like fifa 2004 or call of duty

| Gun, russian roulette can be pretty exciting!

| Manual book about how to fix your pc-98

| Statue from easter island, so you will feel confident and not alone

| 2 eye patches (both for you or both for her) so you won't feel shy frome eyes contact..

| Some good prank, like glue and Hand-Holding together~

| If someone from you is vegan don't forget bring grass, being starved is dangerous!

| Dead monkey/pig head, or any other pseudo-science religious/mythological etc. Object which will bring you luck

| Signal jammers you should have time just for yourself, also she will appreciate that you are giving her quality sleep without blue light or you are protecting her from little amount of nuclear signals in phones

| Snake, spider, some kind of big insect or any other cute animal

| Your 8K television so she can see how quality screen looks like

| Your computer with Arch Linux

| Whole season of popular anime as SEL, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Ergo Proxy

| At least 2 face masks and disinfection, also learn her about healthy life, keep 2 meters distance and so, covid is dangerous!

| Prepare presentation about why North Korea is better than South Korea, education is important and she will think how you are smart

| >>8574a2 took all the good recommendations...

...except for Das Kapital by Karl Marx

| love

| Bring your entire plushy collection

| Horse dildo

| >>958751 And Juan!

| why is the word "nuclear" is tagged 3 times in this thread

| >>958833 i was studying 2-4 days in row for entry exam to continuous magister program before posting here.. (security studies) so i have in mind nothing but international relations, nuclear weapons, game theory, strategical studies, geography, colonialism-now, debates, army hi-techs, organisations, politology, defense etc.. i wanna die

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