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Video Essays

| I kinda understand why a lot of people don't like them. If you aren't looking for video essays the long runtime can make them feel bloated, and a lot of essays can be on topics that appear simple too. Though I like seeing people go in depth on topics and the long runtimes of a typical essay gives ample room to do that. A prime example for me being Matthewmatosis' longer form game reviews.

| thank you gpt-chan

| damn i got called a bot for throwing in big words and lotsa sentences

| I like video essays but I also watch everything on 2x speed so

| Some video essays are good, but some creators embellish parts of their stories to make it more ~dramatic~ and keep viewers for longer. Less documentary, and more "vaguely based on a true story" kinda deal. Not a fan of that. :/

| Video essays are made by total amateurs. They are shallow in terms of actual insight and frequently heavily biased. Most of them are altogether fairly dim-witted, no better than tabloid entertainment. Of course other avenues can be bad as well,like books or newspaper, but they usually have industry standards, or higher barriers of entry, which keep out the worst charlatans.

| If you want to actually learn something without getting a video-essayists half-baked notions mixed in, you should check if the video-guy linked or listed sources in the description (Many of them don't, which I think should strike you as suspicious immediately). Usually anything that was worth learning from the video essay came ripped directly from a book. And the book will usually give you a lot more insight than whatever a video essayist managed to squeeze into 20 minutes.

| having a long attention span is good, especially nowadays. just dont feed yourself slop and take >>2e48ee 's advice

| the only video essays i watch (theyre barely even video essays) are dj peach cobbler videos

| One of the main reasons I don't like video essays is that a lot of them are on blatantly useless subjects. Maybe it's just the ones I get exposed to, but I feel like I see so many 40min+ vids about Youtube drama

| >>0c626d
Or some overly specific bullshit about a video game that you might have easily muttered under your breath to your friend while you were playing it.

| >>958391 based???

| >>958342 This is why I'm suprised that bibliographies are not more expected in video essays.

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