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So uh, anyone collect magazines and artbooks here?

| I've a newfound love of collecting print media. Anything you recommend getting? (or hunting for if it's rare)

| I just got a new type magazine from japan at a con. Its pretty old and i think the newtype magazine brand might have gone out of business but the artstyle and page layout is really great.

| maybe getting obscure zines in print? stuff like &amp magazine from /lit/ and lainzine

| Hello! I collect for a small handful of series. These items include, but are not limited to artbooks. A personal favourite is the Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou artbooks by Hitoshi Ashinano. Great stuff!

| Too expensive, I just torrent them from e-hentai

Best book is probably the main art book I have

| I collect fanmade artbooks from cons, mostly. Got a few from international collab projects too. Most of them are just locally-bound books, but a few them are thick and fancy. Nothing like official hardcover artbooks of movies/games though.

| Artbooks are a crazy time, there's just so many and they're all so mesmerizing to look at.

One of the coolest collections I've seen is the stuff by Lost in Cult. They're a UK based group that specializes in creating massive elaborate artbooks for indie games. They've also made a series called lock-on that collects stories, insight, and art from various people in the gaming industry. I haven't bought one, but they look *stunning*.

| Final fantasy artbooks are a joy to browse and Square comes out with new ones for FFXIV every year. Amano's works are legendary: https://www.yoshitakaamano.com/shop-amano/book-thinklikeamano

The Splatoon artbooks are really vibrant and stylish, I love looking through that one (oddly lewd at times). There's some cool books I've seen over the years that were limited runs like the Disco Elysium book that looked awesome. Just keep an eye out for the series you like.

| Yeah! Before I had to put everything into storage, I had over 75 feet of shelf space filled with books, and probably like 35% was artbooks.

| Yeah, I've got artbooks of Rembrandt and William Blake. I also have this old issue of National Geopgraphic that goes into great detail about Michelangelo's painting of the Sistine Chapel.

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