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Spider-Man: Across the spider-verse thread!

| I wanna know what you g/u/rls think about the new movie, I personally think it was worth waiting for and it deserved all the hype it had, the animation as expected was even better than before and the cinematography was superb as well! The little cameos were funny as well.....

| Haven't watched it yet but ive heard its better pretty much across the board than the first film

| I have only watched the first 2 films

| Nigger-verse

| Verse:

Nos vamos

| I'm glad they feel confident enough that they can get a third film finished too. Feels a lot more ambitious than the first, narratively, animation-wise, pretty much in all aspect.

I'd still recommend the first movie more though, if only because the story is more satisfying.

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This thread is permanently archived