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Why has this place been so quiet lately?

| I come here every other week and I noticed that this place has been dead recently. There used to be at least two pages and half of active threads but now there's barely one. Most threads in the first page were bumped at least once a day but in the past day, only 5 have been bumped.
It wasn't like this when I last visited three weeks ago

| The AI thread makers got tired

| Va11halla is like what? Almost 7 years old? It's honestly amazing that this place still have activity since there's nothing new to the game other than some occasional april fool stuff. Also, reminder that the sequel on hiatus, and other newer games with similar playstyle takes away it's novelty status. This place survives years with the power of thristy gurls and occasional scizos posters.

| wow. yeah i stopped looking after i kept seeing the same shit posted. not that i'm helping by not posting anything.

| it comes and goes.
the last two weeks were busy
now we're in a lull

| we went from dead dangeru to some war threads with limit dump amount of replies, got some 50k mass cloning and then >>958030.
there is probably some connection to this since it snowballed hard, but personally, I'm too lazy to give it a damn.
That's pretty much my pov
I, for myself, miss the good old blog stuff. very chill
but as for now I feel like everything is just made up for attentions

| bonus mention, there was a cockroach poster who did a thread on every board themed with cockroaches. that was just weird

| good

| the roachposting was strong enough that my friend lurking over my shoulder started sending me roach pngs on other platforms

they spread virally

| Ah, it's the monthly Danger/u/ Is Dying!!1!1 thread. Always good to see reoccuring threads make a comeback. :D

| >>958085 It's more a "self checkup" thread. Dangeru has been stepped to shit on these months. I find very nice to finally get to breath

| exams bro

| >>958085 nah it feels different this time.

| >>958094 makes sense.

| >>958085 I asked why it slowed down, not why is it dying. I just found odd how there was a fast drop in activity in such a short amount of time.

>>958094 Yeah, that's likely. I forgot that late spring is exam season

| >>958087 /u/ was never g/u/d

| >>958114 not exactly, /u/ could happen to be decent and could happen to be invaded. You can't negate that this place had many episodes of trouble taking over the mood of the whole board

| I just wait for /d/loli to come back

| we been rolling loud

| >>958021 i was making around 1/5 of all threads, i just lost energy to make them when others was less active.. and most of them was recently boring (i'm sorry)

| I still do love this place

| >>958192 please never make threads again

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This thread is permanently archived