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How are you feeling?

| Personally I'm on that early 2010s Madoka Magicka type beat.

| Bad. Life's gotten worse since circa 2014. Every year becomes worse and worse no matter how hard I try to turn it around. I started Uni and am great at it. I became a tutor. Helped out in events. Compiled summaries for courses and sent them into groupchats. Etc.
But in the end nobody likes me and all I can think of is if I will kms when Im 50 or 40...
So y'know, it's at least still going g/u/rls.

| Just rotting in my house. I haven't had any real conversation with anyone in like a year now. I'm waiting for something I don't know. Just stalling here. I feel really bad.

| >>957689
This is more or less me, except I had a girlfriend for most of last year and I frequent mensa gatherings bi-monthly. Feels bad tbh.

| >>957551 become meguca

| Why should I tell you?

| Pretty bad g/u/rl. Going through these obscure sites makes me feel better, but I have been jobless for 2 years and have 0 money.
I'm considering prostitution already cause I dunno what else am i good for anymore.

| decent-ish right now. have a tad too many personal problems but im on track to fixing them

|                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             just fine.

| Does this thread's scrolling behave weird for anyone else on the mobile app? I can scroll past the reply box, and can scroll way to the right, past the thread, into void. Whack.

| >>957743 yes that is odd

| fagchan bans me again. tough guy. islam is weak mentally, as usual.
so i post it here

why does the islam god prefers being a ball of lights than having two legs, a pair of eye and uh, a brain? exactly

there are no benefits, having 4.

...that's why it prefers 8.

| >>957733 I will be your first client

| waiting.
waiting to hear back from employers
waiting for the checks to clear
waiting for things to fall apart or be made whole

| not great, my house is falling apart and i don't have enough money to fix it

| good, managed to enroll in my dream uni (one of the best in the world!) and i haven't had heavily depressive thoughts in a while (even is sometimes my self esteem goes under the floor). bit worried about my future since i'll have to meet new people and i suck at socializing with strangers

| >>957689 force yourself to go out. read something. go gim. maybe try volunteering. if you try hard enough you'll get out of the tunnel

| Annoyed as all heck. Being told I only needed to do one part of work a week ago, but now being told that I needed to do everything and it's my fault for not having the thing ready today

| i am stuck in purgatory and too emotionally exhausted to do anything but accept my fate (o´▽`o)

| Decently, having a partner helps a bit but university entry tests are fucking both of us up. Do your studies and fuck someone and things will get better!

| Amazing tbh. Had the last half of last year to cut off toxic cunts, spend some time living alone working through my traumas and getting my brain and body to a solid place, then start of this year entered a wholesome and healthy relationship with the love of my life
Istg I got plot armour at this point lol

| Fine.

| >>957907 I dont live in the US


| I just had a little beach campfire with one of my best friends. I’m feeling great honestly :)

| better than normal!

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