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How do you drink coffee?

| I have the cheapest coffee brewer I found. It's all pretty much plastic. I drink one coffee per day, usually in the morning, and I put two scoops because I drink from a big cup. I like my coffee black with nothing in it, but sometimes I put six spoonfuls of sugar with it. There is a weird but pleasing contrast between the high amount of sugar and the blackness of the coffee, they fight each other and I like it.

| What about you? How do you do it?

| I drink black shitty Folgers at least twice daily

| With my mouth

| i grew up shitfuck poor and now scare my bougie friends by drinking black bustelo unironically (i even like it)

| black with a little bit of sugar, i like the bittersweetness of it! :3

| >>957540 i drop it in water/milk and drink it.. sometimes when i feel i need my coffee fast, i eat coffee seeds

| Black because life is bitter

| Cheap brands, Fairtrade, black and never before 9:30 am is how I enjoy my coffee.

| A couple cups of black coffee every morning. I started drinking it black because I was too lazy to put anything in it and ended up just liking it that way.

| >>957599 I kinda like Bustelo, too. It's my go to when I can't find Folgers.

| Drink it with the hope of not having the runs afterwards.

Never pans out.

| ive always preferred cold brew over just putting ice in coffee, i make steeps the night before and drink when i wake up

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This thread is permanently archived