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What are the best short stories/ novellas you've ever read?

| I'm looking for recommendations, but you can praise them, and analyse them, and wax lyrical about them as you please. Under 100 pages would be cool: like Death in Venice.

| Good time as any to shill I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream.

| Lemon and Beneath the Cherry Trees by Motojirou Kajii are both really good.

| Read news. Nowadays there are the best comedy stories.

| 5x5 (maybe 10x10) cm book with 10-30 pages where was cats photos and 1 sentence quotes per page/double page

| No Longer Human

| I'm not sure its quite short enough (I read it on epub so the count was based on screen size), but Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata was a story I think many g/u/rls will find interesting.

| >>957759 Hey. Hey, fuck you, buddy. You know what you're doing.

| How to build a fire

| To build a fire*

| >>957759 >>957765

| >>957602
>After all, they are certainly no stickier
than semen.
who knew japanese writers had such fucking choice lines

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This thread is permanently archived