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Random cool sites.

| I'm assuming people here do a lot of web exploring to end up some obscure place like this, so let's share a couple sites we found:

http://www.theoldrobots.com/index2.html (A database of old robots)
http://thalion.exotica.org.uk/index.html (A cool site about a homemade software, with games up for download and music too.)
https://ourworldoftext.com/ (An infinitely large website where you can scroll in all directions & write whatever you want, no censorship.)

| https://text.caltrop.dev/ (like owot but cooler)

| Saw this linked on OWOT.You can draw whatever u want.I think it would be cool to see g/u/rls making scribbles and bouncing ideas off each other in real time:

| https://www.hikari3.ch
(This is a newly made imageboard where boards are mainly user-created, however they're putting more emphasis on more friendly topics and discussions.)

| i'm dumb and I know only this place ._.
thanks for sharing, cool anon

| This is a guy's guestbook on his personal site, which is structured just like an imageboard:

| https://petittube.com (Random Youtube videos with few to none views)
https://experiments.withgoogle.com/collection/chrome (weird little Google supported thingimagics and doodles)
http://www.bearstearnsbravo.com/ (Little arts group browser game project in a corporate style)
https://radio.garden/?r=1 (Listen to radio worldwide (down rn tho... :/))
http://www.sarahpiercegames.com/makeastereogram/ (Stereogram picture maker!! For all fellow stereogram enjoyers.)

| Https://Tilde.club is a shared unix computer it's quite fun, https://tilde.town seems to be a little more active though. I can't think of any now so I'll post later when I'm at my computer:3 love weird sites

| dangeru.us is cool. :D

| http://www.catb.org/esr/jargon/ (Hackers dictionary, from catb, site has a lot of cool stuff in general about old internet culture)
https://wiby.me/ (plain html site browser)
Have fun :)

| www.chan.blue https://lainchan.org/

| >>957617
shit lainon.life is dead now, sad

| this is all very cool and im having a lot of fun. can't contribute but thanks gurls

| https://textbunker.net/
A conspiracy type textboard, like /pol/ & /x/ as a site.

Even has built in IRC chat.

| one of these days ill have to make like a full list of all of these random forums lol, textbuner.net has even more forum sites linked lmao

| Reddit.com
It's a place where people crack jokes. The worst ones are upvoted

| not home yet but i have a massive backlog folder of cool sites. ill post it here in a bit

| oops im >>958011 forgot to put it here

| the list is too long for 500 characters so its on https://ourworldoftext.com/ on co-ords x:11 y:11

| >find a new imageboard
>half the posts there are about hating everyone
>join a new discord server
>they're talking about hating trans people
>see an art project site
>full of slurs
I don't explore the internet anymore, it's boring everywhere and makes me feel worse.

| >>958130 I can explore you if you know what I mean

| >>958155 >////<
i'm always ready for exploration

| brainworm.surgery

| i found danger/u/ from Va11

| >>958249 hot damn that board is cool

| bus-stop.net

| just updated the link list at https://ourworldoftext.com/ again and added a bit over a dozen links to it

>>957403 >>957403 >>958105

| oops accidentally replied to a few ppl

>>957403 >>957403 >>958105

| Charles Martinet's own site.

'Charles' voice is heard in millions of homes around the world as the voice of Mario, Wario, Luigi, Donkey Kong and now the voice of Baby Mario in Nintendo 64 games'

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