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How do you feel about gang violence?

| If he's from another hood I gots to SHOOT THA MUTHAFUCKA!!!

| gang violence is just violence, but more of it
it's good shit mate B)

| >>957400 i love violence but i'm again gangs. it's same nonsense as teaming, literally unfair and unbalanced, it's cheating and should have be banned. what is point to even try to do violence when whole gang of noobs as zombies will just attack you because you are better than them and when they are alone, kid can kill them. It's same nonsense as police. Like SWAT? really? They should attack 1 vs 1. Than police and gangs would be finally balanced. now i'm going to kill some samurais

| >>957432 Based high noon showdown enjoyer

| gans, are for retarded.

| I would appreciate some more gang violence in my area. Directed at me. Sexually.

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This thread is permanently archived