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| Any tips on how to dismantle a pedo drug group that occupates a public parc ?
Outside of gathering testimonies im running short on ideas tbh.

| A lot of people that are close to me have fallen victim to it in the past, and knowing it still exists is a pain in the ass, cops don't seem to care about the problem, even though they know about it.

| the cops don't give a fuck because the cops are also pedos
learn how life works and buy a gun

| If local cops don't care, feds might.

| What country is this? That’s an important detail

| I've got the opposite issue. Any tips on how to join a pedo group that occupates my house?
It's pretty well known but I'm not confident enough to speak

| >>957305 if this is real you could tip off mamamax but no idea if he's still doing his thing

| >>957498
spoiler: it's not real. OP is just a seething incel.

| >>957499
nah, its real

| >>957498
idk mamamax is a little too self centric and theatrical

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This thread is permanently archived