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Can dogs smile

| I never owned one. I can't tell if they are photograph trickery, or just the breed, or if they can actually genuinely authentically smile in the homo sapiens way

| I've only several dogs and they can definitely look like they are smiling, but usually they aren't smiling like we do, because they're happy or something. Usually its just how there face looks when they are panting or something. I've seen dogs where I had to second guess that tho.

| Dogs can't mimic

| Dogs are mimics.
Or, to word it better, there used to be dogs, but they are all mimics now.
Thine flesh awooed.

| >>957102 they can open mouth and move tongue, but they can't mimic

| They can't physically smile, but they have their way to show happiness, like opening their mouths and panting. Of course all dogs are different

| I would murder them all tbh, there is not place for unhygienic trash on legs what pseudo-smile, they can smile in hell

| depends, one of my dogs can somehow smile and is overall really expressive. the other one always looks like it just underwent lobotomy

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This thread is permanently archived