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i need a break from my break

| i've been kinda on a break since december after applying to college, my classes start next week but overall i've been feeling like shit for these couple of months, my friends are not talking to me as much as they used to, we don't hang out anymore and i have nobody i can talk about stuff, i kinda lost interest in all the things i do and i have no idea if going to college will help. I'm afraid that i'm not going to make any friends there since i'm really shy, i don't expect...

| nothing posting this here, but i just had to say this, even though it's only for a bunch of people i don't know

| Try and reconnect with some of those friends. If that doesn't work, make some new ones and make bonds doing things together.

I'd also check in with yourself and ask yourself if you're doing well mentally. I had a period in uni where I lost a lot of will to do most anything and it was due to a decline in mental health. If your campus has on site mental health screenings, try it out. If not reach out to people who can be a good idea wall and see what help you can get.

GL g/u/rl.

| >just make some new friends!
thanks, as if anyone would want to be friends with a g/u/rl. that's part of the problem.

| op here, i'll probably look into my mental health, not so sure if i'm at a good moment to focus on studying, i've already tried reconnecting with my friends, but it's been hard since most of them are working, dating or just don't have much time. i really hope i can get through my shyness and talk to some people in uni, if i'm lucky i might find people with similar interests as well. i am just really afraid of being alone, but i hope this is nothing more than something trivial

| I got really depresso during uni. Be sure you join some clubs and get to know people with similar interests g/u/rl.

| It'll save you.

| >>f5065d echoing what>>a74101 said, clubs will save you. Go to club rush at your uni and make connections. If there isn't something you enjoy, consider making one. It'll be a real help jn having a happy college life and out of college experience.

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