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Hikki/Neet Opinion

| What is your opinion about people what are not working, and they just prefer to spoil themselves by playing games, watch anime etc. Would you be able to be friend with this kind of person? Or you would look to them as trash of society? And how you would describe yourself?

I'm studying now.. but i'm 1-5 years far from leave education system, already have 4x delayed final exams instead 3 etc..

| I understand that will show up here satirical/trolls reactions too.. but since i feel really close with this community, i really want know your honest reactions. It won't change my way of deciding.. but personally i know few people who already work.. i tell them i study.. but I'm thinking.. will i lose them? Will i get in conflict with them? I honestly don't want to, but i'm worrying that it will be similar as leaving school, high school, death of someone close etc.

| *fucks your mouth*

| I've been Hikki for a few years before, so I'm very biased.

I'd say there's nothing wrong as long as you don't be too much of a burden to your parents. I managed to make some money online while I was a hikki. Very little, but enough to never ask for money from my parents.

Still, if you ever plan to stop being a hikkineet, I suggest you to have a routine like a normal person. Shower, eat, exercise and sleep as if you have school/work.

| So when you eventually forced to work, you don't get shocked too much. Well, that or you prepare to kys when your parents/provider die.

| >>956985 routine.. i don't have it really since elementary school.. i was whole life sleep deprived or sleeping to late afternoon..
>>956986 my family is probably not forcing/hurrying me.. probably because of my medical history too.. i feel they feel guilty about few things what happened me (neurology, psychiatry things, years isolation from them etc..) i think i'm hikki last 5-6 years, but i was studying.. but i'm probably in phase when i will soon leave studying system

| I have 1 real friend who i didn't saw half of 2019 and few online friends.. real friend is hard worker in store. Online friends are working too.. it's why it makes me thinking because i know last person who is still studying and will probably stop this year.. i want continue in studying but if i finished it or failed.. I'm thinking how would they look to me.. i understand it would be weird, i feel ok by it.. they already know i'm somehow weird.. but would they still want be friend

| With me? Or they would think i don't worth them time and leave me? Also i'm thinking about generation difference on internet maybe.. I'm worrying i would meet maybe a lot younger people but idk xd i was perfectly good in predicting future until now, but now i'm thinking about it.. i feel as computer trying to solve travel man task xd already now i noticed that they asked me what i do and was little surprised i study uni 4th year instead 3.

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